Court orders release of suspect accused of assisting Sarona Market terrorists

A month and a half after being arrested, the suspect who was accused of accommodating the Sarona Market terrorists in his home on the night before the lethal terror attack in Tel Aviv was released after the court determined there was not enough evidence against him.
The scene of the terror attack at Sarona Market Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

The Israeli District Court ordered the release of the suspect who was accused of assisting the Sarona Market terrorists, who murdered four people in the lethal terror attack in Tel Aviv last June. The court rejected the position of the prosecution and accepted the defendant’s attorney’s claims according to which there was not enough evidence to determine that his client was the person who accommodated the terrorists in his home.

The suspect, a resident of the Bedouin town of Shaqib al-Salam (Segev Shalom), was arrested a month and a half ago. A week later, an indictment was filed against him on account of accommodating illegal aliens under aggravated circumstances. According to the indictment, the terrorists tried to enter Israeli territory through the Palestinian city of Yatta on the night before the terror attack, spent the night at Shaqib al-Salam and left the town dressed in the suits in which the committed the lethal terror attack in Tel Aviv.

“When our office received the file we started studying the materials and were amazed to discover that there was no evidence,” Attorney Shai Tovim, who represents the suspect, told Channel 2 News. According to the defense, there were even recordings in which investigators could be heard telling witnesses the defendant’s name.

Initially, it was determined that the suspect’s arrest would be extended until the end of legal proceedings but upon the appeal of his attorney, the suspect was released. The prosecution requested that the implementation of the suspect’s release be delayed but the District Court rejected the request and decided to release him immediately.

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