Teachers protest in front of Education Ministry

Over 100 teachers are protesting in front of the Education Ministry, demanding that their salary problems be resolved. "It's irrational that an educator doesn't know how much he earns," said one of the organizers. “We came to stop the disrespect.”
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After Channel 2 News exposed that the Israeli Education Ministry had cut September's wages, more than 100 protesters appeared in front of Education Minister Naftali Bennett's office calling for the minister to "wake up." One of the teachers said, "I am embarrassed to go to the market because I can't afford to buy diapers for the nursery."

The protesters blamed the Education Ministry's Director-General Michal Cohen and claimed that the protest is not only because of the salary cuts but also because of the change of their status.

The protesters called for Bennett to "wake up" Photo Credit: Azi Amram/Channel 2 News

The teachers also claim that the paycheck lacks transparency as they don't understand the paycheck deductions. "It's irrational that an educator in Israel doesn't know how much he earns,” stated one of the protesters. “It's irrational that when I ask the principal she doesn’t know what to answer. We demand to know how much we earn and when we should receive it."

The protesters in front of the Education Ministry Photo Credit: Azi Amram/Channel 2 News

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