Hebron: Israel Border Police officers thwart stabbing attack

A Palestinian at the Cave of the Patriarchs went through metal detectors at the Israel Border Police officers' request when he raised the officers' suspicions. The policemen found a knife among the 30-year-old Palestinian's belongings, which he allegedly planned on using in order to carry out a terror attack.
The knife found in the suspect's possession Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit

A 30-year-old Palestinian arrived at one of the Cave of the Patriarchs’ checkpoints in Hebron on Monday evening, raising Israel Border Police officers’ suspicions when he went through the metal detector. The policemen located a knife in the Palestinian’s possession.

The initial investigation indicates that the terrorist was likely planning to carry out a terror attack in the area. Upon arrival to the metal detectors at the Cave of the Patriarchs’ entrance, the policemen ordered the terrorist to walk through the metal detectors as part of a routine security check. The metal detectors did not find anything out of the ordinary.

Although the metal detector did not find anything, the policemen ordered the suspicious-looking man to step aside to the search areas, where a more thorough search was conducted. During the search, the policemen located a knife in the terrorist’s possession, with which he allegedly intended to carry out a terror attack. The terrorist was arrested and brought in for questioning.

“Beyond the technological means at our officers’ disposal in joint security missions, there is no replacement for the professionalism and alertness of the officers, who once again succeeded in preventing an attack and thereby saved lives,” the Israel Border Police stated.

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