Imminent terror attack thwarted: Suspect who was planning attack arrested

After the Shin Bet received information indicating that a man was planning to carry out an imminent terror attack, the suspect was located by police officers near Beit Safafa. When the officers approached the suspect, he shot at them. The police officers responded by returning fire, injuring the suspect.
Beit Safafa, today Photo Credit: Pisgat Hamudcanim/Channel 2 News

On Sunday, the Jerusalem District Police arrested a suspect who was apparently planning to carry out a terror attack in the near future. The arrest took place in southern Jerusalem.

In light of a tip that the Shin Bet received, police forces flocked to the Beit Safafa area. The suspect was spotted on Berl Locker Street. The police officers at the scene shot the suspect after he opened fire on them. The suspect was transported to a hospital in moderate-serious condition.

According to eyewitnesses, the suspect is about 50 years old and recently received pacemaker implant. They stated that he was arrested shortly after he was released from the hospital.

Yesterday, an Israeli Arab was slightly injured after a female Palestinian terrorist stabbed him in Jerusalem’s Old City. The 29-year-old terrorist was neutralized by security forces and taken in for questioning. Today, it was reported by JOL that the terrorist is insisting that she did not stab the Israeli Arab man.

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