Terror attack thwarted near Tapuah Junction: Female terrorist eliminated

A female terrorist who came to the Tapuah Junction attempted to stab Israeli Border Policemen who were at the scene. The terrorist was eliminated and no Israeli Border Policemen were injured.
The scene of the attack, today Photo Credit: Divuchay HaRega/Channel 2 News

A terror attack was thwarted today (Wednesday) when a female terrorist attempted to stab Israeli Border Policemen near the Tapuah Junction and was eliminated.

At around 1:00 pm, the terrorist arrived at the Tapuah Junction and ran towards the Israeli Border Policemen with a knife. The policemen reacted quickly and called out for her to stop. When she didn't stop, they neutralized her.

No policemen were injured but an Israeli car near the scene was damaged. The police blocked the access to nearby roads after the attempted stabbing attack.

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