Terrorist eliminated after attempting to stab soldiers near Hebron

The terror wave continued this morning as 16-year-old Isa Salem Tehara attempted to stab soldiers at a security post in the town of Bani Na'im in Hebron. Tehara was eliminated at the scene.
The terrorist Isa Salem Tehara Photo credit: The Maan News Agency/ Channel 2 News

A Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife arrived at an IDF security post in the town of Bani Na’im in Hebron in an attempt to stab soldiers and was eliminated. No injuries among the IDF soldiers were reported.

The terrorist, 16-year-old Isa Salem Tehara, attempted to stab the soldiers at the security post. The IDF soldiers at the scene quickly spotted him and prevented the terror attack by shooting him.

The scene of the terror atack Photo credit: The Maan News Agency/ Channel 2 News

A large number of police reinforcements were deployed to Jerusalem and Hebron in light of the recent terror attacks. “All the decision makers understand that Jerusalem is the most sensitive area and have sent reinforcements to the city,” said Yoram Halevy, head the Jerusalem District Police.

Yesterday, a terrorist stabbed and injured two police officers near Herod’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. In the footage of the attack, one can see the terrorist, a 20-year-old from East Jerusalem, walking behind a male and female police officer. Shortly thereafter, he attacks them from behind and stabs them. As a result, the 38-year-old female police officer was critically wounded in her neck and the 45-year-old male police officer was moderately wounded, yet he was still able to shoot and disarm the terrorist.

Police reinforcements in Jerusalem Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

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