Court hands down 2 life sentences to terrorist who murdered rabbi

One of the terrorists who murdered Rabbi Michael Mark in July 2016 was sentenced to two life sentences. He was also ordered to pay the rabbi’s family 250,000 NIS in compensation.
The scene of the attack; Rabbi Michael Mark Photo Credit: West Bank Fire and Rescue Department/Channel 2 News

A military court in the West Bank handed down two consecutive life sentences to Muhammad al-Ameira, who murdered Rabbi Michael Mark in a shooting attack on July 1, 2016. Mark’s wife and two of the couple’s children were injured in the attack. The court also ordered the terrorist to pay 250,000 NIS (over $63,000) in damages to the family.

Al-Ameira, who was driving the car from which the gunshots were fired toward Mark’s vehicle, was convicted of Mark’s murder and the attempted murder of the rabbi’s wife and two children. In addition, he was convicted of the attempted murder of other Israelis because in the weeks that led up to the drive-by shooting attack, he carried out three terror attacks along with other terrorists.

Muhammad al-Pakia, al-Ameira’s partner, was eliminated by IDF forces on July 26, 2016. The security forces arrived at al-Pakia’s home in order to arrest him but the terrorist opened fire. Al-Ameira was arrested on July 14, 2016. He was convicted on January 4, 2017, after he confessed.

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