The dead soldier's widow gave birth to a girl: "I heard the baby crying and wanted to text him"

"I named her Tal-Or (light) because he was killed with first light"
Gleito Baynsin Channel 2 News

Gleito Baynsin lost her husband Ksahun a week ago in course of Operation "Protective Edge". This morning she gave birth to his daughter in Soroca Medical Center and the first thing she wanted to do was to tell him – then she understood she was left on her own. "I named her Tal-Or (light) because he was killed with first light and because I hope she brings us light", the widow told.

About a week since he was killed, Warrant Officer Ksahun (Danny) Baynsin's fourth daughter was born in Soroca Medical Center this morning. His widow Gleito Baynsin heard her baby's first cry and wanted to share the moment with her husband – and was hit again by the fact that she was left on her own.

"The last time I gave birth a year and a half ago Ksahun was with me", Gleito reminisced sadly. "He documented everything. It was important for him to be there because he missed my last two births because he was in operational actions. Today when I heard the baby's first cry I almost texted him automatically. I miss him and I hope the baby will help me cope".

Ksahun was a senior scout in the Gaza Division and was killed when he encountered terrorists who infiltrated Israeli territory through a tunnel near Nir-Am.

Gleito explained, in a conversation with Channel 2 News, that she chose to name her baby Tal-Or (dew-light), because of the memory of the first signs of dew she used to notice when Ksahun used to leave for operations in the early morning and also because he died in battle in the first light. "I hope that our daughter will be our light". Added the widow.

Several soldiers who were killed in Operation "Protective Edge" have left pregnant wives behind them. Tal-Or is the first baby who was born without a father in this operation. "Maybe I am naïve, but I am hopeful that peace will come and that there will be no more was here and that Tal-Or wouldn’t ever have to hold a weapon", Nissan Baynsin, the baby's uncle said.  

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