Lehava's operation against Arab youths

The Lehava organization set itself a goal to prevent romantic relationships between Muslim young men and Jewish girls. In order to fulfill their goal, the members have a WhatsApp group chat in which they list the names and personal information of young Arab men along with orders to bother them with threatening phone calls.
Part of Lehava's group chat Photo Credit: Channel 2 New

Lehava is an organization aimed at preventing Jewish assimilation in the holy land. The far-right wing organization takes pride in its activity to prevent romantic relationships between Arab young men and Jewish girls. However, behind the official claim and goal of the organization lies a project that is solely aimed at forcing young Arabs to end their relationships with Jewish girls.

In the group chat, the members call this activity “the daily call.” An individual who goes by the alias "the hunter of the imposters" sends a text message with the personal details, Facebook page and phone number of Arabs who he claims are being friendly with Jewish girls.

In the group chat, “the hunter of the imposters" urges people to call the Arabs he lists from an unknown number and “clearly and legally” explain to them why their actions are problematic. The young Arabs who fall victims to this harassment stated to Channel 2 News that the calls often escalate to alleged threats and name calling, and there are dozens of them a day.

"They’re telling me to stay away, one of them threatened that he'll come here and hurt me," explained an Arab from Northern Israel who received countless threatening calls and texts from members of the organization. "I'm not afraid but I also haven’t gone to the police. These people know how to talk, taking action is a different matter. They can call me all day, I'm not scared of anything but God."

Ben-Zion Gopstein, the founder of Lehava, stated on behalf of the organization: "Lehava activists aren't harassing anyone. The group chat is often used in order to pass around the phone numbers of younglings who are bothering Jewish girls with the instructions to explain to them once and clearly that you can't harass girls. It is emphasized to the group that the instruction is one call legally without any threats or harassment. We shall continue to aid the girls of Israel despite the media's interference."

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