The mother of one of the gang rape suspects: “Why are the teenagers guilty?”

More arrests are expected Photo Credit: Reuters

A video clip obtained by Israel’s Channel 2 News documented a conversation between two mothers involved in the shocking incident of a 12-year-old girl getting gang raped in a school that has shaken the country.  During the incident, one of the mothers blamed the child rape victim for getting raped.  She stated, “Her mother needed to supervise her.   Why are the teenagers guilty?”  Another mother replied, “They stated she wasn’t ok and they exploited her.”

 This weekend, five teenagers age 14-15 were arrested in central Israel for gang-raping a 12-year-old girl in the area of a school.   According to the investigation, some of the teenagers knew the girl that was raped.  The five will be brought in on Tuesday for further discussion on extending their detention.

 Earlier in the day, the police arrested three additional suspects.  Two of them will be taken in tomorrow to hearings discussing extending their detention.  Last night, four additional suspects were arrested.  In total, the police have arrested 12 suspects since the weekend.  

 The police are investigating whether the teenagers threatened the girl that if she didn’t agree to have sexual relations with them, they would reveal embarrassing information about her.  

 A police source familiar with the investigation told Israel’s Channel 2 News that “many more arrests are expected.”  The police fear that the video clips documenting the rape will be released.  The investigation has been ongoing since last Thursday, when the Dan Region Police learned of the serious crime that was committed.  According to the findings of the investigation, three of the suspects knew the girl, agreed to meet with her, and then raped her.  The investigators claimed that video clips and other evidence linked the suspects to the rape.  

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