Tel-Aviv citizen wins 70,000 NIS lawsuit against Israeli Lottery

A court ruled today in favor of a Tel-Aviv citizen in a lawsuit against the Israeli National Lottery organization (Mifal HaPayis). The organization will have to pay the plaintiff 70,000 NIS, the amount she won on a lottery ticket she filled six months ago. Only Mifal HaPayis refused to give her the prize money due to a typo she made when entering her social security number.
Israeli Lottery Booth Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Mifal HaPayis, the national lottery of Israel, refused to pay a reward of tens of thousands of Shekels due to a typo. The court intervened following a lawsuit filed by Nurit, a citizen of South Tel-Aviv who had filled out and won the raffle "Payis 777". The court ruled in Nurit's favor, ordering Mifal HaPayis to pay her the 70,000 NIS reward as well as trial expenses.

In July 2015, Nurit filled out her raffle card, with the same numbers she picked throughout the month and at the same booth as she used to do every week. Only this time the numbers turned out in her favor. "I was so thrilled when the booth manager told me I won 70,000 NIS, every person wants to win, everyone has that dream," said Nurit.

However, when Nurit went to the Mifal HaPayis offices with her winning ticket, she was shocked to hear that she won't be receiving the reward money. The reason? A mix-up caused the last four digits of Nurit's social security number to change order. According to Mifal HaPayis orders from the Ministry of Finance, in a situation where the identification code and the secret code don't match, the winning ticket is invalid.

After Mifal HaPayis refused to pay Nurit her reward money, she held a private investigation that showed the social security number on the winning ticket didn't belong to an existing Israeli citizen, and it's not even a valid number. Also, the booth owner testified that Nurit had indeed purchased and filled out her winning ticket at her booth.

The court ruled the Mifal HaPayis won't have to pay Nurit compensation, but the organization will have to pay her the full amount of the prize money, as well as her legal expenses due to the lawsuit.

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