Thousands protest in Tel Aviv in fifth anti-corruption demonstration

For the fifth time, thousands of people demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest against political corruption in demonstrations that received both praise and criticism from Israeli officials. Additional sister protests were carried out in other cities around Israel.
Protest in Tel Aviv on Saturday

Thousands of people took to Tel Aviv’s streets for the fifth time on Saturday night to protest against political corruption in Israel. The demonstrations received both praise and scorn from all ends of the political spectrum.

Protesters shouted slogans such as “shame” and “traitors,” carrying Israeli flags and banners reading “corrupt people go home.” Head of the Israeli coalition David "Dudu" Amsalem criticized signs carried by protesters during the event, which included ones calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a traitor and a parasite. “The protesters on Rothschild [avenue] want to replace the government in ways other than the ballot box, and they are crossing red lines over and over again," said Amsalem. "Leaders of the left, [Yair] Lapid and [Avi] Gabay must stop the incitement before it is too late.”

Clashes broke out between a group of counter-protesters and demonstrators in the anti-corruption protest. Security forces separated the groups. Alongside the main demonstration on Rothschild avenue in Tel Aviv, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in several other cities across Israel, including Jerusalem and Haifa. The protests were carried out under the title “yes to democracy, no to corruption.”

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