Today is pleasant but tomorrow will be hot and humid

The weekend is likely to disappoint many who want to go out into nature. Today, the weather is pleasant throughout the country but it will be humid over the weekend.
Photo Credit: Gideon Macklovitch/Flash 90

After a number of days of pleasant weather, another heat wave is on the way. Today, it will be nice and pleasant with a slight increase in temperatures but anyone who planned to travel over the weekend should think again.

It is 23 degrees C in Safed, 30 degrees C in Tiberius, 23 degrees C in Haifa, 24 degrees C in Tel Aviv, 26 degrees C in Jerusalem, 25 degrees C in Ashkelon, 30 degrees C in Beersheba and 35 degrees C in Eilat.

Tomorrow, the temperatures will rise. It will be hot and dry on the beach. But on Shabbat, it will be very humid. The hot weather will remain until Sunday morning, when the weather will cool off a bit.

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