Tragedy at Ramat Gan Safari: Tibor the Rhino dies in brawl

Tibor the 9-year-old rhino died at the Ramat Gan Safari while fighting Zion the rhino as the two were in a power struggle. The Safari noted that these types of brawls are common between pubescent rhinos. As a result of tension that developed between the two, Tibor was supposed to move to a Russian zoo, but he tragically died today.
Tibor the rhino at the Ramat Gan Safari Photo Credit: Tibor Yeger/Channel 2 News

Tibor the white rhino died today (Wednesday) after brawling with another rhino as part of a power struggle between the two at the Ramat Gan Safari. Tibor, who is named after Ramat Gan Safari’s infamous photographer Tibor Yeger, has recently been fighting with another rhino named Zion. The struggle for dominance between the two is common among pubescent rhinos.

As a result of the tension between the two, Tibor was supposed to leave the Ramat Gan Safari for a Russian zoo. However, this afternoon, the two rhinos fought once again and 9-year-old Tibor was killed in action.

“We must continue breeding efforts for the white rhinos, whose situation is deteriorating in nature to the point of extinction,” stated the Ramat Gan Safari, which expressed its deepest sorrows regarding the incident between the two rhinos.

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