Trial of Elor Azaria reaches final stretch; Soldier’s mother collapsed, taken to hospital

The final stage of the Elor Azaria case began today. The prosecution asked the court to determine that Azaria has been lying and changing the versions of his story throughout the trial. The mother of the defendant felt ill and was taken to a hospital.
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This morning (Wednesday), the concluding part of the trial of Elor Azaria began. Azaria was charged with manslaughter because he shot a neutralized terrorist 8 months ago. After the judges heard all the testimonies and both the prosecution and the defense submitted their conclusions, both sides are now presenting their final arguments. The hearing was opened by IDF prosecutor Nadav Vaisman, saying: "I have found no legal precedent that determined that it is fit to shoot someone in the head without a warning." Azaria's mother was feeling ill and taken by friends to get treated at a hospital.

"If the court would have allow me to summarize this whole case in a minute, I would have shown the video that depicts the behavior of the accused immediately after the shooting," said Vaisman. "In the video, he is documented walking down the street with his friends after the shooting, not saying a word about the bomb he claims he saw and caused him to fire. The accused isn't warning his friends or anyone else about the bomb he suspected that he (the terrorist) was carrying. It doesn't make any sense and the footage contradicts his claim."

Prosecutor Nadav Vaisman Photo Credit: Azri Amram / Channel 2 News

The attorneys of the defendant submitted the defense's conclusion, saying: "During the hearings, all of the witnesses spoke about feeling endangered except the company commander, battalion commander and brigade commander, who weren't even present at the scene. It can't be that all witnesses are liars except those three. It was also proven that contrary to the prosecution's claim, there was a concrete bomb threat in the area at the time."

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