Two years later: Israeli murdered by 3 Palestinians recognized as victim of terror attack

Two years after his body was discovered lying on a street in the West Bank, Abraham Ben Zion was recognized as a victim of hostilities.
The late Abraham Ben Zion Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Abraham Ben Zion, who was murdered by three Palestinians in December 2014 in the West Bank, has been recognized as a victim of hostilities by the state. The Defense Ministry changed his status even though the Israel Police and Shin Bet determined that he was murdered by three Palestinians during a car-jacking.

The three Palestinians were arrested after 63-year-old Ben Zion was found lying on a street. The investigation determined that he was killed during a well-planned car-jacking but Ben Zion’s relatives claimed that the act was nationalistically motivated.  

About two years after the incident occurred, it was decided to recognize Ben Zion as a victim of hostilities, a status given to Israelis who were murdered or injured in terror attacks in Israel or abroad. In the official announcement, it was written that this decision came after the head of the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute said that Ben-Zion was most likely hit by the front of the car, which indicates that the purpose of the act was to harm him. In addition, one of the Palestinians arrested for the crime expressed extreme hate for Jews during his interrogations.  

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