U.S. Embassy’s gift for Rosh Hashanah: Wine from a settlement

Every year, the U.S. Embassy in Israel sends a gift package for Rosh Hashanah to various Israeli organizations. But among the products in the package this year was an Israeli wine produced in a settlement, which led to questions as to whether the U.S. has changed its stance on settlements. The U.S. Embassy: “It was a mistake.”
A change in policy? Archives Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

As it does every year, the U.S. Embassy in Israel handed out gift packages to various organizations that operate in Israel for Rosh Hashanah. But this year, among the various items in the package, Israeli organizations were surprised to discover a product that was produced in an Israeli settlement.

Among the organizations that received a package was the left-wing organization Peace Now, which strongly opposes the establishment and existence of Israeli settlements beyond the Green Line. The organization was surprised to find a wine bottle produced by Zion Winery, a company that manufactures its products in the industrial area of Mishor Adumim. “I’m sure it was a mistake that was made in good faith,” a member of Peace Now stated.

Peace Now received settlement products. Archives Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A senior-level official from the U.S. Embassy addressed the incident and confirmed that a mistake was in fact made, stressing that the products were chosen and packaged by an external party and the U.S. Embassy did not bother to check the contents of the packages. “The incident should not be interpreted as a change in policy,” the official clarified. “Our stance towards the settlements has been clear and has remained clear for years.”

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