Israel: Vacationers discovered drowning wild boar in swimming pool

The Israel Police was surprised to receive an unusual report of a wild boar that fell into a swimming pool in a holiday resort. After an hour-long rescue operation, the boar was safely released back into nature.
Boar fell into pool Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit/ Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Sunday), a wild boar found its way into a holiday resort in Northern Israel. While walking around the area, the boar fell into a covered swimming pool. The occupants of the resort called the police to assist the boar.

A team was dispatched to the scene. Using a rope, policemen and firefighters attempted to rescue the distressed wild boar, which didn’t allow them to get near it.

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Finally, after an hour-long rescue operation, the team managed to save the boar. It was immediately released back into nature.

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