Waqf: Israeli forces didn’t steal from Al-Aqsa during raid

According to the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, the Israeli forces that searched the Temple Mount compound while it was closed for three days last month did not steal any documents or materials. However, it is suspected that the forces logged into the computers at the compound and made copies of files.
Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, which is in charge of managing the Temple Mount compound, released its findings from the investigation it conducted after Israeli security forces searched the holy site last month. In a statement, the Waqf said that all of the documents and materials of historical importance were not taken from Al-Aqsa, contrary to Jerusalem International Center chairman Hassan Khater’s claims about Israel seizing important files from the Waqf’s archives.

However, the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf claimed that the chemical materials that preserve the documents were harmed when the Israeli forces shattered the locks of several storage units and conducted “unjustified searches.”

The religious staff also claimed that the Israeli forces logged into the computers on the compound and apparently made copies of the files on them. However, all of the items at the Islamic Museum, including the ancient manuscripts, were not damaged.

The Temple Mount compound was shut down about a month ago for three days after the deadly shooting attack in which two Israeli police officers were murdered. While the holy site was not open to the public, Israeli forces searched the facility in order to make sure that no weapons were being concealed there. During the investigation into the terror attack, it was discovered that the gun that was used by the terrorists was smuggled into the compound and hidden by a Jerusalem Islamic Waqf official.

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