Watch: Azaria says his final goodbyes at party with family and friends

After a highly polarizing trial, Azaria will begin his 18 months in prison, tomorrow morning. The night before his sentence begins at a military prison in Tzrifin, Elor Azaria celebrated with friends and family at his home in Ramla.
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A few hours before the start of his sentence at an IDF prison, Elor Azaria celebrated with his family and friends at a farewell party held in his honor tonight (Tuesday) at his family home in Ramla. In footage from tonight’s goodbye party, Azaria and his friends are seen dancing and celebrating, releasing black and yellow balloons into the air - the colors of his favorite soccer team, Beitar Jerusalem.

After the military court refused to grant Azaria's request to postpone the start of his sentence, he will arrive at Prison 4 in the Tzrifin Base tomorrow morning where he will serve 18 months for killing a neutralized terrorist in Hebron in March 2016.

Elor Azaria (center-right) with his friends Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In the morning, Azaria will leave his home and have until 10:00 AM to arrive to the prison located approximately 10 minutes away from his home. Ran Karmi Buzaglo, one of the leaders of Azaria’s support groups, announced that Azaria and his family's drive to Prison 4 will be accompanied by a convoy of supporters.

"Elor - We are thankful, appreciative and cherish you" Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Sources close to Prison 4 described the excitement of a "famous prisoner’s” arrival in the facility among the staff and prisoners, yet clarify that although Azaria is considered "a kind of celebrity, he will not receive special treatment and will be treated like all other prisoners.” The sources from the prison added, “We will not go light on him for any of the daily activities required of all prisoners, such as working as a master sergeant, attending education, rehabilitation activities, etc.”

Azaria be able to begin receiving bi-weekly visits from his parents only after his first 10 days in prison, in accordance with prison procedures. Furthermore, in accordance with procedures Azaria will only be allowed to leave on vacation after serving at least a third of his sentence, unless IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, responds to Azaria’s request for community service.

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