Watch: Israeli bus driver refusing passenger with Down syndrome

Passengers waiting to board a bus were amazed when the bus driver refused to board a passenger with Down syndrome.
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A shocking video shows an Israeli bus driver refusing to drive a passenger with Down syndrome. People present at the scene claimed that the reason was that the bus driver was afraid he might ‘do something to him during the drive’.

Yesterday evening (Tuesday), a witness recorded the event and posted the following on her Facebook page: “A man with Down syndrome got on the bus and had no money. Immediately, someone offered to pay for his ride but the driver didn’t agree to let him get on the bus because he didn’t seem right to him.” The young man can be seen crying in the video.

“The driver stopped the traffic the bus and created terrible traffic,” she continued. “He took the poor guy out of the bus with violence. People told him that they will take responsibility for the young man and stand beside him but the driver kept pushing him out…Is this how a public employee behaves? Disgraceful.”

The driver’s company Egged commented: “The driver in question was located this morning, and is now testifying to the Control Committee…The passenger, who didn’t have a ticket, asked to board without paying and the driver refused. The circumstances of the event are being examined.”

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