Watch: Drivers' fight in Jerusalem sparks fear of terror attack

A crowd of people gathered around two taxis in central Jerusalem on Sunday after a fight between the drivers was thought to be a terror attack.
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A fight between two taxi drivers in central Jerusalem Sunday evening sparked fear among locals, who thought they were witnessing a terror attack. An IDF soldier who was present at the scene reportedly fired a shot into the air.

The incident began when one of the drivers hit the other. Police forces who were called to the scene found out that the two drivers were members of the same family who were involved in an ongoing dispute.

Three suspects were arrested and taken in for questioning. No injuries were reported.

Avigail Meir, an eyewitness, said, "I heard shouts and a car screech. I saw a taxi driver crash into the taxi in front of him, then he drove back and crashed into the one behind him. People were in panic because nobody had any idea what was going on."

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