Watch: Hackers disrupted Israel's Channel 2, 10 news broadcasts

Hackers disrupted Israel’s Channel 2 and Channel 10 news broadcasts with muezzin calls and Quran readings.
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Tonight (Tuesday), many citizens in Northern Israel who use satellite televisions were disrupted while watching Israel Channel 2’s Main Newscast. In the middle of the broadcast, the screen went dark and a muezzin call was heard. An initial investigation revealed that hackers took control of Channel 2’s satellite broadcast and disrupted it in many towns in the region.

Following numerous complaints, the problem was examined and it was discovered that because Channel 2’s broadcast is unencrypted in satellite reception, the transmission can be disrupted. Citizens of Haifa, Tamra and Kfar Manda explained that after their screen went dark, they could hear the muezzin call followed by readings of the Quran. On the screen, there were pictures with the writing: “Allah is the greatest.” Others told Channel 2 News that this was not the first time this has happened.

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