Watch: Haredi protesters confront police

After 11 Haredi draft-dodgers were sentenced to prison by the military court, protests renewed as thousands of Haredi demonstrators blocked central intersections and confronted the police.
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Today (Sunday), protests renewed after 11 Haredi draft-dodgers were sentenced to prison by the military court. The protestors are blocking roads in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak and confrontations with the police were reported.  

20 protesters were arrested and taken in for questioning. “It is imperative to protest for the honor of the Torah,” stated Jerusalem’s prominent Haredi rabbi Shmuel Auerbach. “Which is humiliated by the recruitment of yeshiva students and their prolonged imprisonment.” Following his statements, protesters began blocking central intersections.

Protests continue Photo credit: Kobi Richter/ TPS/ Channel 2 News

Earlier this month, Auerbach compared the demand to appear at the IDF recruitment facility to the Holocaust, saying that “throughout all of the time in the diaspora, there were difficult attempts and times and troubles that, God forbid, [I] don’t want to remember.”

Auerbach Photo credit: Shlomi Cohen/ Channel 2 News

“What has happened has already been enough,” he continued. “There was a Holocaust…He [God] will stop our troubles but we need to remain strong [until then].”

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