Watch: Heavy rainfalls cause floods in Israel, block roads

The heavy rains in the Negev and the Arabah area led to several blocked roads, including the exit from the city of Eilat.
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Today (Thursday), citizens of the south of Israel fell under heavy rains. In recent hours, heavy storm clouds coming from the south are expected to bring the rains to a peak. In the region of kibbutz Neot Smadar next to the Arabah rode, 23 millimeters of rain have fallen so far.

In the North, strong showers fell accompanied by hail, especially in the southern region of the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee. Police warned drivers to drive with maximum caution due to the slippery roads. In addition, drivers are advised to turn on their lights and keep their distance from the vehicle in front of them.

Floods in Eilat region Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit/ Channel 2 News

On Saturday, the weather is expected to stabilize. At the beginning of next week, towards the second Passover holiday, the temperatures will rise slightly and the weather will be pleasant.

Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit/ Channel 2 News
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

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