Watch: IAF’s Unit 669 rescues dehydrated teens in Southern Israel

A group of 20 teenagers were rescued this afternoon from hiking trail in Southern Israel. During the hike, some of the teenagers got dehydrated and needed assistance. A special team from the Israeli Air Force’s Unit 669 and the Arad rescue team arrived at the scene and rescued the teenagers.
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20 teenagers who were hiking in the Negev’s Nahal Ashalim were rescued today (Friday) after they got dehydrated.

The teenagers, who are students at a yeshiva in Central Israel, were hiking in the afternoon hours and some of them got dehydrated because they did not drink enough water. Thus, the group called for help.

Shortly thereafter, a special team from the IAF’s Unit 669 and the Arad rescue team arrived at the scene. The Unit 669 team arrived in a helicopter in order to rescue the students. The dehydrated teenagers were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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