Watch: Island in the middle of Sea of Galilee exposed due to low water level

The summer has not yet ended but the water level in the Sea of Galilee is already way under the red line. The serious drop in the water level exposed the large island in the middle of the lake that has become a symbol of the troubling situation.
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The Sea of Galilee water level continues to fall at a concerning pace and has already reached 37.5 centimeters under the red line. The lack of water once again exposed the large island in the middle of the lake and footage from the sky documents the horrible situation. The deputy CEO of the Kinneret Authority said: “We all need to pray for a very rainy winter.”

The footage recorded by a drone shows the huge size of the island. The Kinneret Authority deputy CEO said that since the beginning of the summer and until today, the lake’s water level has dropped 1.02 meters.

Despite the Sea of Galilee’s concerning situation, about 760,000 people visited the lake’s 15 beaches in the last two months.

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