8 suspects arrested for involvement in illegally growing cannabis worth over 50 million NIS

The Israel Police arrested eight suspects involved in running a large-scale drug network, confiscating cannabis worth more than 50 million NIS. Allegedly, the accused managed the network from two main locations in Israel: the north, where the suspects had greenhouses, while they possessed hydro labs in Central Israel. The Israel Police: “Cleaning out large areas of marijuana fields will seriously harm the dealers and growers.”

Watch: Israel Police seizes huge quantities of cannabis

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At the end of a covert investigation that lasted several weeks, Israel Police Central Unit officers from the Tel Aviv District arrested eight suspects two days ago (Wednesday) involved in running a large-scale country-wide drug network. The investigation uncovered that within a number of greenhouses in northern Israel, the accused grew a huge amount of marijuana weighing over one ton and worth more than 50 million NIS. The suspects had a remand hearing last night at the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court, where the Israel Police requested that the defendants remain in custody.

The Israel Police believes that the suspects ran the drug network from two locations: one in central Israel, where they possessed a hydro lab and the second in the north, where they grew an immense amount of marijuana in a number of greenhouses. The investigation also indicates that the accused had an apartment in Or Yehuda from which they managed a hydro lab and possessed large quantities of drugs.

Israel Police seizes huge quantities of drugs Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News

“Growing large amounts of drugs, producing and selling them, causes the public irreversible health damage, while it’s easy money and making large-scale profits for the dealers,” the Israel Police stated. “The Israel Police will continue operating against the plague of drugs that harms the entire society. Cleaning out large areas of marijuana fields will seriously harm dealers and growers and will reduce the extent of damage to the population of users.”

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