Caught on camera: Israeli police officer hits foreign workers

The Israeli Police Investigation Department is inspecting an incident in which a Police Special Patrol officer punched four foreign nationals in South Tel Aviv this Sunday. The security cameras recorded a large number of police rushing to the scene and specifically arresting one of the young men.
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On Sunday, an Israel Police Special Patrol officer entered a South Tel Aviv restaurant where four foreign workers were sitting. Suddenly, the law enforcement officer began punching one of the young men, as the security camera footage reveals. His friends attempted to break them up, but their efforts were unsuccessful. 

Tesfay Zaro, the foreign worker who was attacked, claims that the police officer hit him for no apparent reason. “He did not ask for anything. He just began hitting,” Tesfay recalls. “He did not ask for an ID and he did not ask why we were there. I am very angry. Why was I beaten? I am still in pain.”

“I do not understand how this man is wearing a uniform,” Tesfay’s lawyer, Attorney Eyal Abulafia, said about the police officer. “I do not understand how someone like that was accepted into the ranks of the Israel Police.”

The police officer called for backup Photo Credit: Ozeri Amram/Channel 2 News

Later on, the aforementioned police officer called for backup, including Israel Border Police officers and municipal police. They specifically arrested the young man who was attacked and brought him in for interrogation. “A police officer represents the law and should set an important personal example for the public,” Attorney Abulafia added. “Therefore, the police officers who indiscriminately acted with violence should be severely punished.”

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