Watch: Israeli surrounded by Arab stone-throwers in Jerusalem pulls out gun

Last night, an Israeli man who found himself in Abu Tor last night feared for his life and therefore pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the Palestinians who were throwing stones at his vehicle. Police forces arrived at the scene and rescued the man and his family.

Watch: Footage of the incident

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An Israeli who accidentally entered the Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Tor on Saturday night found himself surrounded by young Arab residents who started to throw stones at him. The man exited his car and took out his personal handgun, pointing it at the young Arabs and threatening to shoot them.

The man, who is not a Jerusalem resident, was driving with his children in the car. The family had just left a wedding at a hotel on Mount Olive. Due to the fact that he is not familiar with the city, he accidentally entered the neighborhood.

Photo Credit: Shoagim Layamin/Channel 2 News

In the footage of the incident, some residents are heard offering to accompany the man and his children out of the neighborhood in order to ensure their safety. However, the man rejected their offer and instructed his children to call the police.

Police forces arrived shortly thereafter and rescued the family from the scene without incident. The Israel Police stated that it appears that the man had never been in that type of situation before and therefore he was nervous and reacted as he did.

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