Watch: The first Cheesecake Factory Bakery stand opens up in Israeli mall

Israeli importer David Dan began selling The Cheesecake Factory's signature cakes months ago with the plan to open several official franchises of the staple American restaurant chain, across Israel. Last night (Tuesday), the first of its kind, a Cheesecake Factory Bakery branch opened in Hod Hasharon, selling 14 varieties of the famous dessert.

Watch: Israelis line up in the Sharonim Mall

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The first Cheesecake Factory stall officially opened yesterday (Tuesday) at the Sharonim Mall in Hod Hasharon, Israel, where the American chain's flagship cheesecakes will be sold. While the chain sells close to 90 types of cakes in the US, due to the charms of bureaucracy and various approval barriers, only 14 types will be sold in Israel, including their classic cheesecake, red velvet cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake and chocolate mousse cheesecake.

David Dan, the CEO of the food importer Cafe Saadi, took the first leap to import the cakes earlier this fall after tasting them at a culinary conference he attended abroad. Dan began selling whole cakes at his store in northern Israel in August of this year. Yet, after much success, he decided to open branches across Israel selling the famous cakes, by the slice.

The Cheesecake Factory bakery stall open at the Sharonim Mall in Hod Hasharon Photo Credit: Channel 2 News
A signature Cheesecake Factory slice sold at the new Israeli branch Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Though each slice is sold for about 30 NIS, an entire cake will cost consumers between 100 NIS to 220 NIS, depending on size. According to Dan, the cheesecakes sold in Israel are made from kosher ingredients and natural ingredients, though the company is still currently working on obtaining a kosher certificate. The Sharonim Mall stall marks the first official branch in Israel, while the second is scheduled to open in December at the TLV Mall in Tel Aviv.

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