Watch: Israeli left-wing activists attacked by West Bank settlers

Masked Israeli settlers attacked left-wing activists who were accompanying shepherds in the Jericho region. At least 5 were injured.
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Today (Friday), Israeli settlers from the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council were recorded attacking left-wing activists with stones, sticks and clubs. At least 5 of the activists were injured and in need of medical care. Following the incident, local police opened an investigation.

The attack occurred when a group of 12 Ta’ayush activists arrived at the Jericho area in order to accompany shepherds herding sheep. At a certain point, approximately 15 armed and masked men appeared and started attacking the activists and the shepherds.

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Photo credit: Sarit Michaeli/ Channel 2 News

“There were no confrontations,” a Ta’ayush activist said. “It was a severe and organized assault by a group of lawbreakers.” According to the activist, over the past several months, the shepherds have been harassed by the settlers in the region- that’s why the activists began accompanying them.

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