Fire in Nataf contained; 4 suspects taken in for questioning

A wildfire that was raging throughout the town of Nataf located in the Judean Hills was finally contained moments ago. Four men were taken in for questioning. The men were working near where the fire began and are suspected of starting the blaze.
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An intense wildfire was raging throughout the town of Nataf located in the Judean Hills this morning (Wednesday). The wildfire was recently contained by the 25 firefighting teams and 8 firefighting aircraft that were working strenuously to extinguish the flames. When the firefighters were attempting to contain the blaze, Israel Police forces evacuated all the residents of the town.

Earlier today, the firefighters from the Beit Shemesh Fire and Rescue Services recorded some of the buildings damaged by the fire. At least three building went up in flames as their ceilings and walls collapsed as a result of the extreme heat.

Yesterday, four fires were reported throughout the country. The blaze in Zikhron Ya'akov is still raging. Multiple homes in the town have gone up in flames in the past 24 hours.

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