Christian village in West Bank celebrates Oktoberfest

The Palestinian village of Taybeh has been celebrating Oktoberfest for the past 12 years. During the festival, guests are invited to taste various types of beer and learn traditional dances.
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Oktoberfest is well-known as a festival celebrated mainly in Germany. However, it turns out that the festival is also celebrated in the West Bank. For the past 12 years, the Palestinian village of Taybeh near Ramallah has been celebrating Oktoberfest.

Those who visit the various Oktoberfest celebrations are usually offered the chance to taste various types of beer. The Christian village of Taybeh, which is well-known for its brewery, started celebrating the festival over a decade ago. During the festival, the village promotes the beer it produces locally and other beers that are produced in the West Bank and Israel.

Visit to the Taybeh's brewery Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The organizers of the festival, which began yesterday, are offering organized transportation to those who are interested in participating in the festival. Aside from the beer tastings, visitors can enjoy traditional dance lessons, live music performances and food.

“It’s pretty hard to believe that there can be an Oktoberfest here,” said an Austrian tourist. “This is certainly one of the most interesting events I’ve ever attended.”

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