Watch: Police save woman from jumping off bridge

A 20-year-old Israeli woman threatened to jump from a 10-meter high bridge on the highway. Police officers who arrived at the scene prevented her from jumping and the woman was evacuated to a hospital.
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This morning (Wednesday), a 20-year-old Israeli woman attempted to end her life by threatening to jump from a 10-meter high bridge. In the footage, police officers can be seen jumping to save her life. The female was evacuated for medical treatment and a psychological examination.  

Police received reports from passersby of a woman walking along the side of the highway with a suitcase and 2 dogs. At this stage, the police officers began to dissuade her from jumping while diverting her attention. They managed to catch her seconds before she attempted to jump. The woman was arrested for fear that she would cause herself further harm.

At the scene Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson's Unit/ Channel 2 News

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