Watch: Winter’s first snow on Mount Hermon

Israelis are currently experiencing a serious winter storm. Most of the rain showers have been recorded in northern Israel but they are expected to spread to other parts of the country throughout the day. Light snow was reported on Mount Hermon but the popular ski resort on the mountain will be closed tomorrow due to the expected blustery and foggy weather conditions.
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Today (Thursday), Israel experienced the first rain storms of winter, which were mostly reported in Northern Israel. Light snow even fell on Mount Hermon. Throughout the day, the rain will spread to other parts of the country.

However, the real storm is expected to hit Israel this evening and throughout the night. Tomorrow, however, the weather is expected to be less stormy even though rain will continue to fall throughout the country.

Mount Hermon Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In light of the blustery and foggy weather conditions expected tomorrow, the Mount Hermon Ski Resort announced that the site will be closed. It is still unclear whether the popular site will be open for visitors later in the weekend.

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