Watch: Undercover officers ambush Palestinian rioters fleeing soldiers in Isawiya

Undercover officers arrested two Palestinians who were trying to flee Israel Border Police officers in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiya. The uniformed officers chased the suspects so that they would run directly into the hands of the undercover officers.
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As Palestinians rioted in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiya last week, dozens of Israel Border Police officers were operating throughout the neighborhood in order to restore order. The Jerusalem Border Police undercover counter-terrorism unit (Mista'arvim) also participated in the operation. Footage of the operation shows Mista'arvim officers quickly surrounding two suspects and arresting them within seconds.

The uniformed Israel Border Police officers coordinated with the Mista'arvim officers in order to first contain the violent riot and then chase two of the rioters toward the undercover officers in the area.

Photo Credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

The suspects, who are residents of the neighborhood, ran straight into the hands of the Mista'arvim officers. The suspects, an adult and a minor, were arrested and taken in for questioning.  “This was a very complex operation that required extensive coordination between the uniformed forces and the undercover forces operating in the same area,” stated the Israel Border Police.

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