Watch: US citizen tasered by police after threatening them with metal rod

A 31-year-old American was arrested after attempting to attack Israeli police officers with a metal rod. His wife explained that Jesus was revealed to her husband and ordered him to come to the north of Israel after he had destroyed his credit cards.
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A 31-year-old US citizen was arrested last Thursday, after attempting to attack Israeli police officers. Police located the man in the woods after he attacked a security guard.

After searching the area for a while, police heard someone shouting the word “fire” repeatedly. The man was holding a metal rod and moving towards them. After refusing to drop the rod, he was shot with a taser. Even after being tasered, the suspect continued to act wildly and police had to overcome him physically in order to arrest him. During the arrest, the man was lightly injured.

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During his investigation, it was discovered that the man is an American tourist visiting Israel for two weeks with his wife and son. His wife told the police that Jesus was revealed to her husband and ordered him to destroy his credit cards and go to the north of Israel. 

The suspect was brought before the court, which decided to extend his arrest until Tuesday.

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