Palestinian indicted for publishing inciting video that mocks senior level Israeli officials

An indictment was filed today against Ahmed Awisat for serious offenses of incitement. In one of the videos that Awisat himself produced, he mocks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister Gilad Erdan and Israel Police Chief Roni Alsheikh.

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An indictment against Ahmed Awisat, a resident of the Sheikh Sa’ad neighborhood south-west of Jerusalem, was filed today (Tuesday) with the military court in Ofer Prison for serious offenses of incitement. Awisat was arrested following a series of online messages that he uploaded that called for acts of violence and terror.

Awisat was arrested by Jerusalem’s police investigators two weeks ago after the police received special permission from the State Attorney’s Office. The special permission was awarded once it became apparent that Awisat had been posting inciting videos and photos to his Facebook page over the past year, most of which called for violence and terror while praising the terrorists who had successfully committed acts of terror. Nashat Melhem, who carried out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv last year, was among the terrorists who he praised online. In addition, he praised the terrorist actions of the Palestinian who plowed a truck into a group of IDF officers and cadets this past January at Armon Hanatziv, murdering four.

The unusual video, produced by Asiwat and posted on his Facebook page, was attached to the indictment. The video shows three senior level Israeli officials- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan and Chief of Israel Police Roni Alsheikh.

The video mocks the senior level officials; Alsheikh is shown to be terrified when he sees the repeating images of terrorists who successfully committed terror attacks in the past year. He then asks to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist, who accepts him only because of the former’s official position. The video goes on to show Netanyahu, Erdan and Alsheikh screaming: “I’m scared!” The video ends with the text: “The intifada continues.”

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