Watch: Young woman attacked by Haredi protesters in Jerusalem

A Channel 2 News crew that was covering the massive Haredi protest that was illegally held yesterday in Jerusalem recorded an unusual incident as it unfolded. A young woman found herself in the middle of the giant crowd without any clear exit path. Her presence did not go unnoticed by the angry protesters.
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Haredi men who were holding an illegal protest in Jerusalem cursed at a young woman who found herself in the middle of the massive crowd. The Haredi protesters, who belong to the Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox community, called the young woman a “shiksa.” Eventually, Israel Border Police officers who arrived at the scene noticed the young woman and rescued her before she was harmed. The incident was filmed by a Channel 2 News crew. At the end of the protest, clashes broke out between the protesters and police.

The protesters placed barriers in the middle of a busy street and the police attempted to contain the demonstration until it got out of hand. The protest was held by two major ultra-Orthodox factions that decided to join forces: the Jerusalem faction led by Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, who opposes IDF enlistment, and the Haredi community in Jerusalem that boycotts Israeli elections.

“I welcome everyone who came to fight for the religion and Judaism,” said Auerbach during the protest. Auerbach used the stage in order to preach against the enlistment of Haredi men.

On Sunday, dozens of young Haredi men held a protest in the Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak area, blocking the access to main roads in the two cities. The Haredi men were protesting against the arrest of a yeshiva student who refused to report for IDF duty. Four protesters were arrested.

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