Water levels in the Sea of Galilee lowest in last century

The Israel Water Authority data for February reveals another dry winter, especially in the North. The data states that the rainfall added only 10% of the monthly average to the Sea of Galilee and resulted in a slight increase in the water level.
Sea of Galilee Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), according to data published by the Israel Water Authority, February 2017 broke the record for the lowest rainfall to have fallen in almost a century. In the coastal basins, only 50-60% of the monthly average rainfall occurred while in the northern basins it was extremely dry with only 10% of the monthly average rainfalls in the Sea of Galilee.

The authority stated that this is the fourth consecutive year of drought in the northern part of the country. “Despite the policy of almost entirely stopping the extraction of water from the Sea of Galilee, the water level is below the red line and the northern region is suffering from a lack of water, which is supposed to become even worse in the coming summer.”

Meanwhile, the Jordan River also suffered significantly during the month. Severe drought was also recorded in the South with the Dead Sea water levels decreasing. Galilee farmers are warning that without urgent government intervention they will have to drain thousands of dunam of plantations and crops.

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