Watch: Fire threatens school children in Atlit

The dry and windy weather in Israel has caused several fires in the past 24 hours. After a fire near Neve Shalom threatened the residents of the town, 200 children in Atlit were evacuated from their school due to a nearby fire.


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A huge fire broke out this morning (Tuesday) in the coastal town of Atlit in Israel’s northern region. 200 children were evacuated from their school due to the blaze.

Firefighters from the Hadera fire station along with teams from the Haifa region station are working together in order to put out the fire. The firefighters fear that the blaze might spread toward the nearby buildings due to strong winds. Additional firefighters are on their way to the site and aerial firefighting aircraft are in the sky assisting the firefighters on the ground.

Fire in Atlit Photo Credit: Rakad Mochsin/Channel 2 News

At around 1:00 PM, another fire was reported near the eastern entrance to Zikhron Ya'akov. According to the initial report, the blaze is approaching some homes in the town. Firefighters are at the scene, battling the blaze. Earlier today, a forest fire broke out just south of Zikhron Ya'akov in the Hadera Forest. However, firefighters quickly put it out.

Earlier today, JOL reported that a giant blaze broke out in Latrun near Neve Shalom. Residents of the town were evacuated at around 4:00 AM when the winds changed direction, pushing the fire toward their homes. However, the fire has since been put out.

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