Palestinian carrying pipe bomb arrested near West Bank military court

For the second time in less than two weeks, a Palestinian man was arrested on Thursday near an IDF court in the West Bank after Israeli officers discovered that he was carrying an explosive device. A bomb squad was rushed to the scene and the court was shut down.
One of the bombs from the previous incident Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

Israeli Border Police and IDF Military Police Corps officers arrested on Thursday a Palestinian who was carrying a pipe bomb next to the IDF court near the town of Salim in the West Bank. The Israeli forces have sealed off the scene and an Israel Police bomb squad is working on defusing the device. The military court was shut down due to the situation.

Less than two weeks ago, another Palestinian was arrested in the same area for carrying two explosive devices. A bomb squad was rushed to the scene and successfully neutralized the bombs. The Israel Border Police stated that it is clear that the officers’ alertness prevented a terror attack.

The Palestinian, a 17-year-old resident of the refugee camp in Jenin, was wearing a jacket to conceal the explosive devices. The officers discovered one of the pipe bombs when they ordered him to remove his jacket. The bomb squad found the second device, which was most likely supposed to set off other bombs.

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