Israel Police claims protective neck gear limits officers’ movement

Hadas Malka, who was stabbed to death at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate on Friday, was not wearing the protective neck gear that could have saved her life. According to the Israel Police, the neck protectors limit the officers’ movement and flexibility and therefore they are not ordered to wear them.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

23-year-old Hadas Malka, who was murdered in Friday night’s terror attack in Jerusalem, was not wearing the protective neck gear that could have saved her life. According to the Israel Police, not all officers receive this type of gear mainly because it limits their abilities to perform their duties in the field and harms their reaction time.

Nine months ago, a Channel 2 News team was near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate when another stabbing attack occurred. Israel Border Police officers told Channel 2 News after the terror attack: “There is no doubt that if they were equipped with these neck guards, the results would've been different.” They said that they prefer to wear them because they greatly improve their sense of security.

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However, other Israel Border Police officers claim that they are not interested in wearing the neck guards because of the downsides. As of now, the Israel Police has not issued any clear instructions about the places where the neck protectors must be worn and who is required to wear them.

The Israel Police stated in response: “From time to time, the weapons and protection devices are tested and it has been found that the existing neck protectors limit the movement and flexibility of the officers. Until better neck protectors are developed, cost-benefit analysis is conducted for each scene. In the Old City, where there are narrow alleys and terrorists who are embedded in the local population, speed and response are the most important operational requirement and they are what determine the final result.”

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