Wife of missing person: “He always said that he’s scared to work there”

Yana Moshialov, the wife of 28-year-old Oleg who is trapped underneath the rubble of the parking garage that collapsed in Tel Aviv yesterday, said that he spoke to their daughters prior to the tragedy and wished them luck at preschool. Moshialov also said that her husband was always afraid of being injured on the job.
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More than 24 hours after the underground parking garage in Tel Aviv’s Ramat HaHayal neighborhood collapsed, search and rescue teams are still working in order to locate 4 missing persons. Yana Moshialov, whose husband Oleg is one of the missing persons, said that she hopes that the teams will reach her husband soon. “We have two daughters,” she explained to Channel 2 Online. “He called yesterday morning and wished them luck at preschool.”

Moshialov said that her husband always feared that he would be injured at work. “He always said that he’s scared to work there and that he wants to leave but because of the salary, he stayed.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the family/Channel 2 News

Moshialov criticized the management of the construction site and the way that the parking garage was built. “Something there wasn’t right,” she said. “They needed to put more layers of concrete. They just neglected [it]. As soon as I heard about the tragedy, I tried to call him but he didn’t pick up.”

As JOL reported earlier, a 4-story underground parking garage collapsed in Tel Aviv’s Ramat HaHayal neighborhood at around 11:25 AM yesterday. 24 people were injured in the tragedy. Most of the wounded have already been released from the hospital. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that one of the three people who were killed was a foreign worker. In addition, the ministry said that four of the wounded are Israelis who are also citizens of other countries.

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