Israeli workers slammed for taking selfie during East Jerusalem demolitions

Jerusalem city workers who carried out a series of construction demolitions in the Palestinian neighborhood of Isawiya in East Jerusalem chose to pose for a selfie in the ruins, with local residents watching from behind.
The controversial selfie Screenshot from Facebook

Workers of the Jerusalem Municipality are being slammed for taking a selfie while carrying out a series of demolitions in the eastern part of the city.

After knocking down several illegally-built constructions in the Palestinian neighborhood of Isawiya on Tuesday, the workers chose to pose for a selfie while local residents were watching.

Aviv Tatarsky, who heads the left-wing Israeli NGO Ir Amim, called the workers' decision "a mixture of arrogance and cruelty." The NGO posted a picture of the incident on its Facebook page and wrote, "This is what happens when the Jerusalem Municipality considers brutalizing a third of its population to be an integral part of its job."

The Jerusalem Municipality said in a statement that taking the selfie was "not meant to hurt anyone." It added that it will be reviewing the regulations with its workers.

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