Yair Netanyahu in response to online criticism: “Lies and slander”

Following a viral post by the Israeli Facebook page “61,” Yair Netanyahu, son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, responded to the attack and called the claims made in the post “lies and slander.”
Yair Netanyahu and his parents Photo Credit: Flash90/Haim Zach

Two days ago, a well-known Israeli Facebook page called “61” published a post, which received over 11,000 likes, harshly criticizing the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair.

Under the headline, “Five facts about Yair Netanyahu, our national son,” the writers of the post criticized the 25-year-old for living off his parents and on the taxpayer’s dime, still receiving 24/7 security after coming of age, taking expensive vacations with millionaire friends and online content encouraging the boycott of Arab-Israeli businesses, among other things. The post also claimed that Yair’s influence on his father is growing, especially on media related issues.

Yair responded with a Facebook post on Monday. “I will not address all the lies and slander,” wrote Yair on his personal profile. “How nice that your side is always going on about incitement, demonization, character assassination and crossing red lines.” He also asked why they did not investigate other children of former Israeli leaders, targeting only him.

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