Leftist Israeli think tank files libel suit against Yair Netanyahu, PM's son

The leftist Molad Institute has filed a libel suit against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son following a Facebook post in which he accused the organization of being funded by the "foundation for the destruction of Israel". According to the lawsuit, "the facts claimed in the defendant's publications are absolute lies."
Yair Netanyahu Photo Credit: Marc Israel Sellem, Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

Molad, the Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy, filed a libel suit against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son on Tuesday following a post he wrote on Facebook in which he called the institute a "metastasis of the foundation for the destruction of Israel." Molad, who is suing Netanyahu for about $40,000 in damages, had sent him an initial warning that if he did not apologize, he would be sued.

The lawsuit, filed by attorneys Yuval Yoaz and Doron Bareket, states that "the facts alleged in the defendant's publications are absolute lies" and "are nothing but the product of the defendant's feverish imagination and which have no connection to the truth." It further noted that "the destructive potential of the defendant's statements against the plaintiff is absolutely clear, and that was precisely the defendant's objective."

Last week, Molad published a post entitled "5 Facts About Yair Netanyahu, Our National Son" on its Facebook page "Sixty One" which received more than 11,000 likes. The post criticized the prime minister's son for living on the country's and tax payers' dime and for sparing no expense in his lavish lifestyle.

Yair Netanyahu's controversial Facebook post Photo Credit: Screenshot, Channel 2 News

"Yair is a 25-year-old who does not work for a living and who lives in his parents' home at the expense of the taxpayer," says the post in question by Sixty One. "He has personal security protection 24/7 plus a government vehicle plus a driver. All of which is on our dime," the post continued. The post also criticized the cost of his security during his trips abroad, his level of involvement in government decisions, his ties with billionaire James Packer and his controversial statements on social media.

Netanyahu responded to Molad's harsh judgement and wrote "what about an investigation into the various foreign donors financing the people who run this delusional page?" to which the Sixty One initiative responded by writing the aforementioned letter of warning ahead of filing the libel suit.

"I will not respond to all of the lies and slander," Netanyahu wrote on his personal Facebook page (Yair Hun). "How nice it is that your side always addles the brain with incitement, demonization, character assassination and crossing red lines...In the spirit of these days I have a message to all of the members of the fund to destroy Israel," he wrote, and he concluded with an emoji of a middle finger and a pile of poop.

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