Young Israeli hacker wanted by FBI

Following an FBI order, the Israeli police have arrested two 18-year-olds for cyber felonies.
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Although Itai is barely 18 years old, he is wanted by the FBI on suspicion of involvement in a serious cyber crime. They consider him a dangerous hacker. “It all started one morning when there was a knock at the door when I was still in bed,” says Itai. “They came in and tied my hands and legs.” 

This all started 4 years ago, when Itai was 14. He and a friend developed a computer program which the FBI claims is used for cyber attacks. This program was used to cause various web sites to crash around the world. “They call me a hacker,” protests Itai.  “But no one was harmed by the program.”  Two years ago, Itai and a friend set up a site to sell their wares around the world. They are reported to have made a small fortune, more than $600,000. 

“It gives you financial freedom,” explains Itai. “Everything is legit regarding this business.”  More than 150,000 cyber attacks were reportedly caused by their program. His attorney, Maayan Haimovitch called him a good boy, “He was never in trouble with the authorities.” Itai is worried that this will harm his chances of being accepted into the prestigious intelligence 8200 unit of the IDF. His other attorney, Alon Davidov called him a genius whose talents must be channeled into use by the IDF. 

“Last week I was a normal kid,” laments Itai. “The next thing I know I am held at the police station.” In order to release Itai and his partner, the police were very stern with their conditions, demanding over 120,000 shekels in bail.  Since Itai and his friend earned more than $600,000 they simply wrote a check.

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