Jewish youth left behind farewell letter, tried to stab soldier and was killed

A 19-year-old from Pisgat Ze’ev was shot to death after trying to stab a female soldier at the Hizma Checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem. There were no causalities among the soldiers. The young man left behind a farewell letter and the police proclaimed that he wanted to commit suicide.
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A 19-year-old Jewish youth from Pisgat Ze’ev tried to stab a female soldier today in the Hizma Checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem. He was shot and killed. The police opened up an investigation. One of the friends of the young man who was shot handed a letter to his mother, indicating that it was a “farewell letter.” In the letter, the young man stated that recently he found it difficult to find his place in life. As a result of the letter, the police declared that the young man wanted to end his life during the incident.

As JOL reported earlier, the initial findings of the investigation found that the young man was leaving the neighborhood when suddenly he started to run towards a female IDF soldier with a knife. A security guard on site saw the suspect and opened fire immediately. This resulted in the young man’s death.

It was also reported that the young man did not enlist in the IDF. The Jerusalem District Police clarified that the response of the Israeli security forces was correct and required under the circumstances of the incident. The police are now checking the young man’s past and talking to his family in Pisgat Ze’ev.

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